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Shell Reportedly Reviewing Potential Sale of Permian Basin Assets 6/14/2021

Reuters released a report that Shell is now looking into the potential sale of part of all of their Permian Basin holdings, which accounts for 6% of the major's 2020 output and could fetch up to $10 billion.

In their net-zero 2050 strategy, the Permian was listed as a key basin but that may change since Shell recently agreed to a Dutch court order to cut emissions by 45% through 2030. 

Ring Energy Reaffirms Borrowing Base at Current Level of $350 Million 6/11/2021

Ring Energy reported that lenders have reaffirmed their borrowing base at the current level of $350 million. They also eased up on the hedging requirements for Ring, allowing them to slide from 4.0 Mbbl/d to 3.1 Mbbl/d.

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