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Axis Mistream Files Application for Crude Export Terminal in Port Aransas 8/16/2019

Axis Midstream has filed for approval to construct a crude oil export terminal on Harbor Island in Port Aransas, Texas.  According to the filing submitted to the US Army Corps of Engineers, Axis is planning to build the following facilities:

  • The Midway Tank Farm in Taft, Texas
  • The Aransas Pass Staging Facility
  • A Pipeline Bundle between the Tank Farm and Staging Site that includes two 36-inch crude lines
  • Harbor Island Loading Terminal
  • Pipeline bundle connecting Staging Facility to Terminal with two 42-inch crude pipelines

North Dakota Reports June 2019 Crude Production of 1.42 Mmbbl/d; 691 Mmcf/d in Natural Gas Volumes Flared 8/16/2019

North Dakota posted June 2019 crude oil production volumes of 1.42 Mmbbl/d, rising 2% from May output while natural gas rose 2% as well to 2.88 Mmcf/d.

However, ND reported their gas-capture rate at 76%, meaning the remaining 24% (07 Bcf/d) was flared.  This marked one of the states worst monthly percentages in years.

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